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Try to stay inside the lines..

Back Seat Barbie
19 May
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+ Kaysha + thirteen + eighth grade + single + AIM whore + comment whore +

My journal is friends only. And because I am too lazy, I'm not going to post on my friends only post about my rules. So.. read them here.

+1. Don't comment wanting to be my friend, and then not add me.
+2. Add me first
+3. Please comment on my posts regularly, as I will do the same. It's just all how you comment.
+4. Don't ask me to join a community, if I wanted to, I would have already joined the community, now wouldn't I?
+5. I do friends cut, and once I make my decision, I'm decided. If you get cut, don't comment saying "take me back!". I won't, GO CRY!

-Now all in all, I am a pretty nice girl. But please do follow my rules. I don't care if you think I'm a bitch, you're the one who's looking at this, aren't you!?-

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